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Kit Burnham-Ashman, Zaccharie Charvolin
07/06/2018 - 07/29/2018
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New work by Kit Burnham-Ashman and her grandson Zaccharie Charvolin

Upcoming Events

Literary Side Projects and Creative Detours: A workshop
07/14/2018, 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Writers and artists often find themselves struggling to begin, be it on a long-simmering idea for a novel, the perfect story, a poem, or any number of creative projects. When faced with the monumental task of “getting it right”, unfortunately many succumb to self-imposed pressure and never begin in the first place, or if they do they often become overwhelmed and disillusioned with the process. In this two-part presentation and workshop session, Andrei Guruianu will discuss the psychological, artistic, and professional benefits of “thinking small” — working on side projects, exploring distractions, forging creative collaborations, and most of all finding pleasure in the act of creating itself — all as a way to nurture the creative self and foster a frame of mind that keeps you coming back to what you love to do. Guruianu will provide examples, suggestions, and resources for participants to be able to explore a range of such “creative detours” for themselves and begin their own side projects.

Cooperative Gallery 213

The Cooperative Gallery 213 was founded in 2000 to provide accessible exhibition space for member artists. The gallery has created a community of artists and increased an appreciation for art in the larger community. Because of the quality of its exhibits the Cooperative Gallery is a popular stop on the First Friday Art Walk sponsored by the Gorgeous Washington Association.