I have actively been involved in supporting the local arts community and artists for many years. Founder & curator in the 1980s of "Inesse: Emerging Women Artists", supported in part by the Binghamton Women's Center and the Broome County Arts Council. Inesse offered aspiring women artists from both from the university and community at large, an opportunity to exhibit their work in the space that is now occupied by the Cooperative Gallery. Co-owner of the former "Into Art" fine art supply store on State Street. Co-founder, former officer and current exhibiting member of Cooperative Gallery 213 on State Street. Graduated summa cum laude from Binghamton University with a BFA in painting. Member of Windsor Whip Works Art Center, Windsor NY. Curated along with Judy Salton, numerous exhibitions at the Cooperative Gallery 213 including "The Figure Show", "ATC" (Artist Trading Cards), the "Collaborative" members exhibition and most recently "The Off the Wall Show". Exhibited in various non-juried & juried exhibitions, including several International Mini Print Shows.

I have a passion for drawing the human form: the undulations, limb collapsing into limb, skin wrapping around muscle, bone pressing against flesh. That and more pull me to draw from the model, starting at an intriguing juncture, I allow the image to take me out from that point. Only black & white high contrast renderings in charcoal emphasize the sculptural aspects that I am looking for in my figure drawings.

Then there are my paintings, I never use black and I rarely use white. I see the world in layers of color. When I paint, whether it is with oils or watercolor, I do not pre-mix, instead using transparent paints I layer color over color in a effort to stress how I see the world.

Ah, the rest . . . multi-media, 3-d construction, installation, photography, prints every thing else that demands to be created as described above.
Each has it's own pull and wonder, from the figure panels series to the currently in progress woodblock "Fowl Disposition Series" and everything in between, creating each piece adds joy (and frustration) to my life.