Glenda Blake

My subjects vary, but the human figure — at rest and in motion, in both interiors and the landscape — is at the root of much of my work. A recurring theme is the power of folk and traditional dance in the midst of our electronic society. My rendering of dancers and forms is made visceral by my own muscle memory from past personal experience in social and ritual dance, and by my lifelong involvement in music.

Shaking off "the rules" and proper forms, and any strict interpretation of context, my pictures themselves are not only about their subject or content but are also complex arrangements of line, form, and color, informed by but not subservient to the subjects at hand.

I make art to make marks, and to search those marks for meaning. I make art to reveal to both myself and others the often unnoticed mystery of the world around us.

In addition to Cooperative Gallery 213, I also sell my work online at