Six Artists on the Broome Art Trail
Kit Ashman, Chuck Haupt, Linda Ciallelo, Betsy Jo Williams, MaryRose, and Judy Salton
Sep 27, 2020 — Oct 24, 2020
Kit Ashman (painter): “During the pandemic using myself as a subject has been fun and interesting to see myself as “her” in the mirror. " Chuck Haupt (photographer): “Water is my theme. It's what sustains us, it’s a part of our lives in so many ways.” Linda Ciallelo (painter): “I will be showing my still lifes, figurative paintings and drawings. Betsy Jo Williams (sculptor): “I make sculptural installations using natural materials, such as sticks, grasses and clay. <They are not> “pretty” pieces <but seek to dispell> boredom.” Betsy Jo will be doing a demonstration of block printing and sculpture. MaryRose (mixed media): “<I am exhibiting> a Quilt based on the Challenge Circle of 100 images produced by 10 of the gallery artists over 10 weeks." Judy Salton (painter): “I will be working on an animal-themed headboard for my grandchild’s bed during the Art Trail hours by sculpting and painting.”