• Works by Susan Kendrot and Betsy Jo Williams
    Date06/05/2015 - 06/27/2015
    ArtistsSusan Kendrot and Betsy Williams
    Susan Kendrot's paintings, drawings, and prints follow an animal motif, inspired by a recent trip to southern Africa. The scale and the passive/aggressive behavior of these animals impact their rendering and move them past mere portrait . Betsy Jo's wax and clay gestural sculptures explore both the animal and human form. Pathos and humor infuse them and invite the viewer to contemplate the closeness we share as species.
  • September Song: Bill Gorman & Southern Exposure: Geoff Gould
    Date08/04/2015 - 08/29/2015
    ArtistsBill Gorman & Geof Gould
    Video linkSeptember Song
    September Song: Portraits of Autumn, the title of Bill Gorman’s latest exhibit, will be sharing space at the Cooperative Gallery 213 with Geof Gould’s latest work titled Southern Exposures. Both photographers, who have exhibited together over the years, work in vibrant colors and spectacular landscapes. The exhibit will open with a reception, open to the public, on Thursday August 6th from 5 -8 PM, will continue through First Friday on August 7th from 3-9 PM and will close on Saturday, August 29th.Through the month of August the Gallery is open to view the exhibits on Fridays from 3-6 PM and Saturdays from 12-4. Gould’s exhibit Southern Exposures will feature photographs of people as well as a few nature photos. Most of the images are from Chile, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Jamaica, and Peru with a few from the American Southwest. Gorman’s September Song; Portraits of Autumn will feature a number of large scale photographic portraits of autumn leaves of late fall as well as leaf portraits printed on canvas. According to Gorman, “The show is really about the passing of time, about aging and the complex beauty of aging.” The Kurt Weil-Maxwell Anderson song inspired the exhibit: “The autumn weather turns the leaves to flame, ...when the days come down to a precious few...September, November.”
  • New Abstract Photography by Dan Harrington
    Date03/04/2016 - 03/26/2016
    ArtistsDan Harrington
    “Beyond Reality” will run from Friday March 4th through Saturday March 26th, 2016. “Beyond Reality” will feature new photographic images labeled by the artist as “ Abstract Photography”. Harrington, a watercolor painter and photographer states,” I have been painting very realistic images with watercolor for over 20 years and I’ve also been a photographer for over 20 years. When I first became interested in photography I did a lot of black and white in the Darkroom but mostly my photos were reference photos for paintings. About 5 years ago I starting, almost on a whim, taking photos for pure artistic reasons and this new direction has been a fun journey for me. I was surprisingly drawn to things that had an abstract quality. These images are in stark contrast to my paintings but somehow give me a nice balance between the very real paintings I do and the abstract images I capture in my photos. Over the past few years I have alternated my shows between my paintings and my photography. I have found they don’t mix well in a shared show but separating them allows me to focus on the two mediums individually. In this upcoming show In “Beyond Reality” I am pushing much further into the abstract realm. I have not physically altered any part of the image, however I am greatly exaggerating many other parameters of the digital photo to create an abstracted image that appeals to me and hopefully others.
  • Fifth Weekend: Life Drawing Weekend for Members
    Date04/29/2016 - 05/01/2016
    ArtistsMember Artists
    Three days of painting and drawing together with live model and still life. Register for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Brunch on Sunday.
  • The Afterlife of Discarded Objects: A Reading
    Date05/19/2016 - 05/19/2016
    ArtistsNatalia Andrievskikh and others
    Video link
    Memoirs and Artwork about significant objects from our childhood collected from all over the world. Natalia Andreivskikh and Andrei Guruianu have solicited memories expressed in stories and art and Natalia and some of the authors will share some of these short memoirs. Gallery members will display some art on the theme of discarded objects and their significance in memory.
  • "What Meets the Eye" & "Aloha"
    Date07/07/2017 - 07/28/2017
    ArtistsEileen Seeley Schlag & Karen Fedczuk
    Video link
    An exhibit by new member Eileen Seeley Schlag entitled "What meets the eye and touches the heart." Also on display is “Aloha” Recent Works by Karen Fedczuk, a long time gallery member known for her fine print making.
  • Treelove / Collection
    Date02/02/2018 - 02/24/2018
    ArtistsMartha Colgan / Nancy Ryan
    Video link
    On First Friday, February 2, 3-9:00 p.m., Cooperative Gallery 213 opened exhibits by Nancy Ryan, titled "Collection," and by Martha Colgan, titled "Treelove." The dual exhibit, running through Feb. 24, presents two experienced artists following their artistic curiosity. The front part of the gallery this month is a group show of black, white, and grey works by various exhibiting artists of Cooperative Gallery 213, titled "50 Shades of Grisaille."
  • Real & Imagined
    Date08/02/2018 - 07/25/2018
    ArtistsCaroline Fay and John Carroll
    Video linkReal & Imagined
    Our two newest members, Caroline Fay and John Carroll have an opening reception on August 2nd from 5-8 pm and First Friday 3- 9 pm. The exhibition titled, ‘Real & Imagined’ brings together oil paintings from two fine artists on two unique paths to representational painting.
  • Into the Presence/ Three Minimal Cruising Boats
    Date01/31/2019 - 02/23/2019
    ArtistsJoanne Thorne Arnold and John Thomson
    Video link
    The nature that surrounds us is the theme for the installation, Into the Presence by Joanne Thorne Arnold. Attending art camp in the summer of 2018 catapulted her play into other mediums including a whimsical approach with paper mache’ and wire sculpture. John Thomson will feature his handmade canoe with models, plans, and other artwork.
  • Other Times, Other Places
    Date03/01/2019 - 03/23/2019
    ArtistsChuck Haupt and Glenda Blake
    A statement from Amiri Baraka illustrates the goals of photographer Chuck Haupt and painter Glenda Blake: “The artist's role is to raise the consciousness of the people. To make them understand life, the world and themselves more completely...” Says Blake, "I’ve begun painting from old family photographs in order to reflect my own memories and viewpoints of not only the people, but the times involved." Haupt says: "The show is a look back at my photography -- from my Polaroid Swinger days, when family and schoolmates were my target, to an early trip to Europe and, more recently, to my deployments with the American Red Cross."