Judy Salton, MaryRose, Karissa Salton
Sep 4, 2020 — Sep 26, 2020
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Judy Salton presents a mixed media satire, "Games Politicians Play:" MaryRose is exhibiting "Inspired" based on her work in the Challenge Circle during the pandemic closure; Karissa Salton, their grandaughter, offers her series, "Celestial Bodies" of women with objects in outer space.


Six Artists
Cooperative 213 members, Betsy Jo Williams (sculptor), Linda Ciallelo (figurative painter), Kit Burnham-Ashman (painter), Judy Salton (painter), Chuck Haupt (photographer) and MaryRose (mixed media) will be exhibiting at our gallery as part of the Broome Art Trail on October 3rd and 4th 10am - 4pm each day. Additionally the gallery will be open on Saturdays 11am - 3pm.

Upcoming Events

Interview with Judy Salton, the artist behind "Games Politicians Play"
09/08/2020, 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

This interview investigates the motivation and philosophy of Judy Salton.

Interview with Karissa Salton, the creator of "Celetial Bodies Series"
09/08/2020, 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

An interview exploring Karissa Salton artwork, philosophy and motivation.