Gabe Morton-Cook

I am interested in art as a bridge between the realm of the physical and that of emotional experience. What happens inside our mind when a yellow spot becomes the sun? Physically, just a smudge of pigment on a surface, it is experienced emotionally as the life-giving energy at the center of our solar system. Through the process of painting, the paint is imbued with warmth and light and billions of years of history.

In its role as a bridge between perception and reality, art can also serve to highlight a dissonance between other simultaneous truths: opposites that exist only relative to one another and echo throughout the human experience. The yin and yang that express themselves as pleasure and pain, light and dark, desire and repulsion.

My paintings attempt to venture to various vantage points along this bridge, exploring the tension of duality. I hope that by exploring the gradient between abstraction and representation in my work, the viewer may become aware of a feeling that is itself a contradiction: simultaneously disturbing and comforting.