'Les Ustensiles' and 'Contemporary Realism'
Stephen Scweitzer and Linda Ciallelo
Nov 3, 2020 — Nov 28, 2020
Schweitzer’s “les ustensiles” brings a fresh perspective to colorful photographs of everyday utensils. Ciallelo, an accomplished portraitist, will show human figures and still life in paint and drawings. Schweitzer, a well known videographer and photographer, is focusing on the beauty of utensils in your kitchen. He comments, “Pris pour acquis ... souvent négligés, rarement vantés ... les ustensiles de base pour cuisiner ... venez profiter de leur moment de gloire!” (Translation: “Taken for granted.... often overlooked, seldom praised... the basic utensils for cooking…  come and enjoy their moment of glory!” Ciallelo accepts commissions for portraits and will show current work. “I am most interested in capturing the light reflected on skin as well as other structures,” she says.